Friendship: Foundation for a Healthy Romantic Relationship

couple holding hands 228x300 Friendship: Foundation for a Healthy Romantic RelationshipTrue friendship is something to be treasured. A healthy relationship is something to be cherished. You may wonder if it is possible for both to co-exist at the same time, providing the possibility of having the best of both worlds. In the majority of relationships friendship will not be the primary factor that brings a couple together, but this is not always the case.

If you’re like me, you have had lots of friends of the opposite sex that you aren’t physically attracted to and wouldn’t consider having a romantic relationship with. And, then there are people who become romantically involved with their very best friend. I have a tendency to wonder whether the friendship developed before or after they became romantically involved. If they had a best friend who became their partner later, they are really fortunate, in my opinion.

Rewarding Qualities of True Friendship

It’s comforting to have a friend you can be totally honest with and know you are accepted by them for who you truly are; the kind of friend you can talk to for hours and share your innermost thoughts and dreams. And, with this type of friend, when they inadvertently cause you discomfort, it is easy for you to forgive them. A good friend always has your back no matter what happens and you have theirs. There is a bond of mutual respect for one another even if one happens to do something that is embarrassing.

One of the primary things about close friends is that they usually share some common interests and tend to have pretty much the same values. It is easy to find things of interest that you can do together and encourage each other as you pursue those interests. If one suffers defeat, the other is there to comfort and console. Scientific research clearly shows that this type of friendship can help to improve your health and even to help you live a longer life.

Primary Benefit of a Friendship that Turns Romantic

Investing time in a relationship with a friend, the more stable and meaningful the friendship becomes and it will continue to gain strength. Friendship allows you to gain insight into the character of your friend and you get to see up close and personal how they react to events that could be classified as either good or bad.

If you are only friends, you will be comfortable with whatever your friend does when it involves another person. You aren’t jealous of a friend; however, if you are romantically involved with this friend, it will make a difference and you will become watchful of him/her when it comes to their involvement with other people.

You may even become demanding and possessive if you are romantically involved with this friend. Sharing them with others without any concern will become a thing of the past because the playing field has changed. But, please pay attention to this warning: don’t become so demanding and possessive that you ruin a good thing.

You should have enough insight into the character of this friend by the time you become romantically involved that you will know you don’t have to be concerned about them being disloyal to you. If you know enough about them at this time that leads you to believe you do need to worry, then this probably isn’t the best basis for a romantic relationship. If I were you, I would think twice before getting more involved with this person. It may be in your best interest to keep this relationship at the level of “friend” and refrain from getting romantically involved with them.

Best of Both Worlds – Friendship and Healthy Romantic Relationship

There is no doubt that friendships can build a firm foundation for a healthy relationship. Most friendships will not advance into this type of relationship because the emotional and physical charge is missing. With these sparks being absent, there is no desire to take the friendship to another level.

We know, of course, that successful long-term relationships can’t be built only on the basis of physical attraction. There has to be more to a great relationship than sex. And, for those who have entered into a romantic relationship where lust and sex were the only things going for them, more than likely friendship developed later if the relationship has been long-term and satisfying for both partners.

As a matter of fact, it is easier sometimes for lovers to become true friends than the other way around. That is because, if the sex is great, they will work at finding other things that will make it possible for them to stay together.

Friendship and a healthy romantic relationship are desirable and worth the effort to achieve. It is really rewarding when you can have both in the same relationship. If you are blessed enough to have this type of relationship, be eternally grateful for what you have. Work to keep both the friendship and romantic partnership fresh and alive. If you do this, you will have a foundation that is unshakable.

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