How Many Frogs Have You Kissed Lately?

princess kissing frog 300x200 How Many Frogs Have You Kissed Lately?In this article I am going to share a bit of my best dating advice for women. I hope you find this information valuable on your quest to find your Mr. Right.

Have you noticed that there is an abundance of frogs that are a part of the dating scene? Have you kissed your fair share hoping to find your handsome prince and been disappointed that they don’t have what it takes to be a prince? If that describes your dating pattern, then you have been hanging out in the wrong dating pool. If you want something different you have to do something different.

No doubt you have heard the typical definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.” What you have been doing could be called “dating insanity” because you continue to date the same types of guy and expect them to be something they are not.

You’ve been dating losers and, of course, you aren’t satisfied with what you have found. You never set out to find a frog to kiss, but when you find one and kiss him, you immediately begin to think that maybe he could change and become your prince. It is high time that you quit settling for guys you think are almost right. It’s time for you to find your Mr. Right!

Where Do You Go To Meet Your Mr. Right?

If you hang out in bars hoping to meet your Mr. Right, chances are not good that you will find him there. Women who hang out in bars will find men who really enjoy playing the seduction game and will feed you a line of flattery. What he tell you is what you want to hear and you think he is a match for you. But, that feeling that he is a match is most often short lived.

You will find men in bars who know exactly what to say because they are pros when it comes to seduction. They might be thinking “this woman’s dress is too tight and her makeup is overdone,,, she reminds me of a tramp.” When they think like that they turn on the charm and are ready to treat you the way you look to them… like a tramp.

Why Would a Man Lie to You?

Of course, they can’t tell you what they really thinking so they flatter you instead.  They want sex, not a relationship with you. If you give them what they want you may never hear from them again even though they had you convinced you were special. It’s time to face up to the fact that men in bars lie to women they want to pick up because they are usually only interested in a one night stand.

Not only do men in bars lie to women, they have become masters of fake sincerity to the point they have it down to an art. Many have joined mastermind groups online where members are trained on how to listen to what a woman says about what she wants in a man and how to suddenly become that guy. They are taught to echo your words back to you and to follow your body movements so they can immediately gain your trust.

The Test To Determine Whether He’s a Prince or Frog

If you want to find a prince, you have to put the men you meet to the test. Your true prince will enjoy sex (he’s not a cold fish) but he values you as a woman more. If he’s interested in building a relationship with you, then he will be willing to wait for sex to prove his interest in you as a woman worthy of a relationship with him.

You can kiss your prince good night at the door and he will remain a prince. If he isn’t a prince and is in disguise, he will get pushy when you kiss him at the door. If he gets pushy, it’s time to slam the door in his slimy face because he has just proven to you he’s nothing more than another darn frog.

I’ll admit that it isn’t easy to find a real prince charming among all the frogs that have such charming personalities. A real prince may not be as slick and may even be awkward sometimes. However, that doesn’t keep him from being a prince and there are some princes out there.

How Can You Use This Dating Advice?

You can continue to play the numbers game, and continue to kiss a lot of frogs with the hope that someday you will find a real prince or you can give your dates the “prince test.” If your date passes the test you can rest assured you have found a man who has the potential to be your Mr. Right.

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