How to Read a Man’s Mind

how to read a man 300x300 How to Read a Mans Mind
Most women find it extremely difficult to nearly impossible when it comes to understanding males because they have no idea how to read a man. Sometimes we may believe we know what they’re thinking and we may believe we know what they want. However, the truth is that most women would stand a better chance of translating a letter written in French when they have never studied French than they would have knowing what’s really going on in the average man’s mind.

Let me get this one point out of the way before we begin:  It is common knowledge among women that men have two brains and that one of those has only one goal. I hope that isn’t your only goal as well, because if it is, then there is no need for you to try to figure how men think.  All you have to do is be seductive and you will attract plenty of men, but what you need to understand is that they probably won’t  be more than a one night stand because men truly enjoy the chase.

Knowing How to Read a Man Isn’t Easy

If you are sincerely interested in finding a guy who you can have a fulfilling relationship with, then you need to understand how his other brain works. This is the brain that is more complex, the one with multiple needs and feelings. Unfortunately, it’s more difficult when you try to get the attention of that brain. The author of the book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” knew what he was talking about.

It may be easy and sort of fun to blame the inability to communicate on the guys, but this failure to communicate is not entirely their fault.  And, I’m not going to say the fault lies with us either. It should be a mutual responsibility to figure how to communicate. However, let’s be realistic – do you really believe that the guy is going to take the time to try to figure out the best way to communicate with you? Well, I’m one gal who believes that he won’t.

Why Is It Hard to Communicate with a Man?

Here’s a short little story that will illustrate my point. I was in Montreal, Canada several years ago. I went into a store and attempted to purchase a bottle of water with American money.  The clerk rang it up and told me the price in Canadian dollars. I asked how much that would be in American dollars. She said “I really don’t know because we don’t accept them.” My response was “You don’t accept American dollars?!” She said “Let me ask you a question. If I went into a store in the U.S. and wanted to pay with Canadian dollars, would they take them?” Immediately, I understood what she was getting at. My interpretation of what was familiar and normal was different from hers.

Are we women making the very same mistake when we try to communicate with men? Rarely does our understanding of what “normal” is match theirs. Is that completely their fault? No. We have to share in the blame because we don’t bother to try and understand their interpretation of “normal” or to see things from their point of view.

Yes, we could resort to the argument above that they don’t make much effort to understand us either. And, while that is true, it isn’t relevant to this discussion. The thing that is relevant is that at least one of us has to make the effort and if your relationships are not giving what you want from the men in your life, then you would be wise to try to bridge the language barrier.

Below is a quick, but revealing relationship quiz: [Source]

A Quick Relationship Quiz

1. I try to be nice to men and they reject me (T/F).
2. I want men to please me but they rarely do (T/F)
3. I have no idea what triggers a man to reject a woman (T/F)
4. I end up turning off men who seem interested in me (T/F)

If you answered “True” to even one of these questions, I have something very important to share with you. Be sure to read our post entitled “The Secret Survey Review.” It will give you information about a program that can help you know what a man is thinking. It’s valid information, because it contains results of a survey given to men and the results were compiled by a man. And, this is one smart man who understands the challenges of communication between men and women. It’s guaranteed to ignite your “Ah ha!” light. Check it out now!

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