Michael Fiore: The Relationship Coach

Who is Michael Fiore?

michael fiore1 191x300 Michael Fiore: The Relationship CoachMichael Fiore is a self-made relationship coach who lives in Seattle, Washington with his fiancé, Ashley, and Australian sheepdog, Jedi. Michael led an interesting path leading up to the point where he is now widely recognized as a relationship coach. He is a self-admitted ladies’ man who called himself a “player.” He said that he never expected to get married or to even settle down to one woman. However, when he met his fiancé, she was the special woman who changed all that.

He found himself in a unique position to teach the techniques he used in his successful pursuit of women up until the time he met his fiancé. However, the focus of what he taught was not how to seduce women as a player, but how to improve the human connection in relationships. He authored a total of three programs that taught these techniques which were his first ventures and they include:

Text Your Wife Into Bed
Text the Romance Back
Text Your Ex Back

Why Should You Listen to What Michael Fiore Has to Say?

It all started with Michael tuning his awareness to the complaints of his male friends who were married or in long-term relationships. They were disappointed that their partners weren’t as interested in sex as they were in the beginning of the relationship. So, Michael began sharing what he had been doing to win the hearts of women and suggested they try using romantic text messages to put the spark back into the relationship.

He suggested that they could bring more attraction, romance, passion, intimacy, and, most importantly, more fun into their relationships by sending correctly worded text messages to their partners. Using Michael’s “secret texting formulas,” they were amazed at the results they experienced. After seeing what happened with his married friends, Michael determined that his texting formula did not only put the romantic and sexual spark back in long-term relationships, but they had the ability to strengthen the relationships at a core level at the same time.

He has appeared on numerous radio and tv shows, both local and national, including Fox, ABC and NBC news. On Valentine’s Day 2011 he appeared on the Rachel Ray show.

Other Michael Fiore Products

Michael’s texting programs were so successful that he branched out and in February 2012 launched The Secret Survey. The Secret Survey is a guide for women that promises to give them a method to understand how men think, how to tell if they are telling the truth, and how to know what they want from their woman. This program has been phenomenally successful with more than 3,000 copies sold in the first week of its release. Be sure to read our candid review of this program before leaving our website.

Michael’s latest program was released in 2013 and is entitled Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever. This program claims to reveal the essential steps to capturing a man’s heart and have him love you forever. He says that this information came from Claire Casey, a woman who shared these secrets with him, but did not want to become a public spokesperson. Since this is a new release, the product is currently being offered at a special discount. Click Here if you’d like to check it out before the price goes up.

We can rest assured that Michael Fiore isn’t done with developing relationship products. He has made the improvement of intimate relationships his life-long mission. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with next.

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